Genesis Framework Post Info Edit By Category

The Genesis Framework is so customisable it is untrue! That said sometimes you come across a client request that means you have to do a little research before you find the answer.  I recently had cause to show the post info on all categories except one whilst using the Enterprise childframe based on the Genesis framework.. After hours of research I eventually figured it out and thought I ought to … [Read more...]

StudioPress Themes Recommended by Spider Website Design

In our view, there is absolutely no point in having a fabulous framework like Genesis if you are not going to add a superb child theme. Admittedly, we heavily customise the child themes we overlay on the framework dependent on our clients requirements. However, we always start with one of the stunning child themes from StudioPress. Starting our customisation with a known base saves time and … [Read more...]

Genesis WordPress Framework Recommended by Spider Website Design

Many of our WordPress Content Management sites are based around the Genesis Framework. We then add a StudioPress childtheme and customise to the clients requirements. Genesis gives the flexibility we need and is extremely well supported. One of the deciding factors in using this particular framework is the fact that it is clearly established and supported by the IM community. Although we do some … [Read more...]