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Spider SEO | Spider Web ConsultingSpider SEO works in partnership with Steve Magill, an SEO specialist based in the UK.

Steve has a knack of getting businesses to the top of Google (The proof is this site), Google steve magill consulting , spider mobile website design or steve magill SEO and you can see how effective Steve’s methods are!.

Are YOU wondering why your website isn’t attracting many customers? Is YOUR website hiding in the shadows on the edge of the web? Have Google, Bing & Yahoo overlooked YOU?

YOUR potential customers are visiting your competitors sites right now! They are spending money that could have been spent with YOU and YOUR business if only they knew it existed!

Spider SEO can bring your site out of the shadows!

Spider SEO and Steve Magill work together ensuring your site is optimised both On-Page and Off-Page. Utilising advanced linking and submission techniques as well as the latest On-Page optimisation methods, Spider SEO will ensure YOUR business website achieves the best search engine ranking possible for your selected keywords.

Each month over half a billion people search Google for a local product, service or destination.

Do they find YOUR business? If not, let’s talk!

You may be surprised to hear just how simple it is for Spider SEO to turn your existing website presence into a site that attracts enquiries, phone calls and bookings for years to come.

Of course, we know that as a business owner you are getting SEO services pitched to you every other day. Often with the promise of Page 1 Rank 1, at an exorbitant upfront cost followed by extremely expensive recurring payments! Spider SEO simply does not work like that. We don’t chase local companies – THEY CHASE US!

This isn’t just “sales patter”, this is what we do every day. ITS REAL AND IT WORKS! Please take a moment to read some of our recent testimonials……….


The vast majority of people land on a website via a search engine. Statistics prove that 62% of those people will click a link on the first page of Google and 90% of them will not go past the first page! In order to receive attention from these people your site MUST be on Page 1!

If you type “your business/service/product – your town” into Google are you on page 1? No, then let’s talk!

My clients and I are on Page 1! Look at the example below!

Spider SEO | Car Bumper Repairs Cardiff Search

However, with billions of web pages out there, unless you know specific ways to attract visitors, and of course have the time to implement them, you will disappear without a trace.  The simple fact is that if your website attracts few visitors, you don’t even get the chance to convert them into paying customers, so the online part of your business is destined for failure. You can ensure this doesn’t happen by getting help with your search engine optimization from Spider SEO!

These results haven’t happened by accident – we’ve got our clients sites and ours to the top of the rankings, and therefore in front of more potential customers, because we know how the search engines work.  We have used tried and tested techniques which we are now offering to share with a few local select new clients; YOU!  Let us manage your SEO and imagine in a month’s time seeing your site on the hallowed first page of search engine results!!

We can take the strain so that your sites take the gain!

Imagine..If you could get rankings like the above in your market, what would that mean to your bottom line and your bank account?

*We can only work with one client per business type in one town or city as we can only help one company get to the top so request a call back now to see if we can help you.

For more information on Spider SEO and SEO in general, please read this page (will open a new tab so you don’t lose this one 8-))

All Spider SEO packages are backed by our iron clad 100% satisfaction guarantee!

[guarantee style=”TJ” gtysize=”small”]If, after 3 months, you do not have at least 3 keywords on Google page 1 we will carry on for FREE until we achieve your rankings!

We are THAT confident in our service! Our glowing testimonials speak for themselves and our reputation is second to none![/guarantee]

*All Spider Website Designs benefit from initial on-page optimization by Spider SEO as standard.