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Is your web presence enhancing your bottom line or working against you? Are you getting traffic and is the traffic converting? Does your site scare potential customers away or are they encouraged to stay and buy?!

Benefit from our Free Website Consultation service today!

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, our Free Website Consultation report will enable you to take a critical look at how your website is performing in terms of your web presence. All too often business web sites are thrown at the web and left to rot with little or no attention. Lets get your website working for you! Simply fill in the form to the right and we will be in touch…..

Free Website Consultation Part 1 – DESIGN

Looking at your site in the first instance from a design point of view we will cover the following aspects;

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  • Navigation (ease of use, calls to action etc),
  • Sales Bleed (visitor distractions and potential site bounce),
  • Sales Funnel (lead ins, calls to action),
  • Lead Capture (contact form, follow up etc),
  • Colours (complimentary, NLP),
  • Structure (header, body, footer etc).


Free Website Consultation Part 2 – SEO

The second part of your report will focus on the Search Engine Optimisation aspects of your site and will cover the following aspects;

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  • Current Google page ranks (your SERP status),
  • On page optimization (meta, H1, H2, H3, image alt, Header returns, Keyword density, interlink, text highlight),
  • Off page optimization (backlinks, social linking, authority linking),
  • Cross browser compatibility (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera).


The report will be clear and concise in a non technical language, using graphical representations where possible. A number of analytical tools will be used to ensure fairness and non-bias. A summary paragraph will illustrate any recommended course of action and an approximate timescale to implement any recommendations.

This is normally a £197 service and Spider Web Consulting reserve the right to implement the charge in the future. Reports ordered prior to any price change will be honoured at the price on the day of form submission.

You are of course under no obligation what-so-ever to follow the advice contained within the Free Website Consultation report.