About Spider Web Consulting

Spider Web Consulting – So Who Are We ?

We are a team of highly motivated Design and marketing specialists and consultants , the main business partners are Steve Magill and John Chadwick both living in the UK with other team members living around the world in various exotic locations. All projects are run by either Steve or John to give clients one point of contact as the project progresses.

What can we do for You?

YES we can build You a great value websites but our main Goal is to get YOU more customers and get your phone ringing so feel free to give us a call and see if we can help you.

Who is Steve Magill

I first got interested in SEO (search engine optimisation) and all things web in 1994 after leaving the Royal Air Force to live in Bridgend where I still live today with my lovely Welsh wife Sam.

I had a local South Wales web design company build me a website (1995) for a new business I was starting and after 6 months or so I wanted to know why I never got leads from the web? I was told the problem was my site wasn’t showing on page 1 of Google and I needed to use SEO techniques on my new site.

To say I was cheesed off is an understatement I had spent a LOT of money on this new shiny website but no one had mentioned it would never be found by potential customers as thousands of similar sites are built every day around the world, but hey I like a challenge so I read and attended any and all SEO related courses I could and over time I got my site ranking well and those phones ringing with new customers.

The Obsession Began

My love and hate relationship of all things SEO had started and I became very interested in this arena especially as it’s a constant changing environment as the goal posts are moved practically on a daily basis, as I got busier in my offline (car repair related business) I searched to find local SEO companies to help me in my quest to rank my business sites at the top of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) I knew the value of my business sites ranking highly and I wanted those leads phoning me BUT I quickly worked out I knew a lot more than most of these so called experts ! so with what I had learned over the last 10 years from my own testing on my own business sites and some of the high level SEO master courses I have attended the idea of Spider Web Consulting was born and I quickly gained my first 10 or so clients to work with helping to build their business and get their phones ringing.

Three years on and I still look after these first 10 businesses and most of them have become good friends (but only if I keep their phones ringing!)

As the business has grown so has the team I quickly realised although I’m great at getting clients sites to the top of Google I needed an expert web designer on board (no pun intended) you will see what I mean below.

John C