Gas Engineers Cardiff Mobile by Spider Mobile Website Design

Spider Mobile Website Design | Gas Engineers Cardiff mobile site imageSpider Mobile Website Design were commissioned to create a mobile niche site on behalf of the client, Eric Collier and Son.

The mobile site was to accompany the main niche site.

The site was built using shrink and fit coding. It therefore renders perfectly in all mobile operating systems (Apply, Android etc).

As with the main niche site, the header design clearly shows certification and contact details whilst the home page menu directs a viewer to the various services the client offers.  As we didn’t have access to the original logo files we re-created the 2 flares logo.

The mobile site is fully on-page optimized for the keywords agreed with the client.

Scan the QR code with your mobile to visit this Spider Mobile Website Design.

Spider Mobile Website Design | Gas Engineers Cardiff Mobile Site QR code image